Twisp Daily Art & Business Supply

Whether you’re generating an income or seeking inspiration, we’ve got what you need.

Twisp Daily Art & Business Supply seeks to support all the things that keep the Methow Valley building their businesses and realizing their creative dreams. We do it with fun & flair and strive to delight customers with service that goes above and beyond “standard.”

We carry a full range of general business products in the store and are happy to custom order just the right thing for your specific equipment or special product. Our technology support section can be a life-saver in this remote location! We’ve got supplies for serious artists and folks just starting to explore a new hobby. There’s always inspiration to be found in our crafting section. And don’t even get us started about the toys, games, gifts and other fun things we have tucked in here and there…

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Twisp Daily Art & Business is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday — Friday. We require properly-worn masks for in-person shopping. Disabled shoppers who cannot wear masks will be assisted curbside or can shop our online store for pick up at the door. Join our email list to hear about all the ways we’re working to support our community & customers.  



After spending many years in the service industry, owner Barbara Grubb values providing top-shelf service to each and every customer who comes through the door. You’ll often find her doing all the things, all at once, and warmly greeting every customer while she does it.

On the personal front, she is the proud mother of four boys, two rascally pups and some chickens. The trails and dirt roads of the Methow Valley are a favorite hiking destination for her and her boisterous family. Barb serves on the board of The Merc Playhouse and has even graced their stage on occasion.

Barbara Grubb


Darla brings years of award-winning graphic design expertise to Twisp Daily Art & Business, an only somewhat-relevant master’s degree in art history, and wisdom gained from creating many colorful messes in various arts & crafts mediums over the years. Additionally, in her life B.C. (before children), Darla worked as a content creator, copywriter, and documentation specialist in the software industry. In her role at Twisp Daily Art & Business supply, she’s excited to bring her expertise to the small businesses and organizations of the Methow Valley. 

During her out-of-store experiences, Darla is also a big supporter of the Merc Playhouse — doing everything from character makeup to costume design to serving as a theater tech from time to time. She’s proud to be owned by two teenage boys and Lava, the poodle who rescued them all. Darla is also known as “the face paint lady” and/or “that goofy gal with all the balloons.” 

Darla Hussey